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Lung Cancer is a deadly disease

September 8, 2011

Lung Cancer is a deadly disease

Lung cancer falls into a deadly cancer for both men and women. Compared with other types of cancer, like prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, lung cancer tends to be faster today increased its development.

Lung cancer is a form of development is very fast sell (abnormal) in lung tissue caused by the deformation or expansion of the network cells itself. If left unchecked this abnormal growth can be spread to other organs, both near and far to the lung such as bone, liver, or brain.

Lung cancer caused by smoking more (87%), while the remainder are caused by the substance of asbestos, radiation, arsenic, chromate, nickel, chloromethyl ethers, mustard gas and coke oven emissions can cause lung cancer, although usually only occurs on workers who also smoke. 
Classification of Lung Cancer

There is a classification of lung cancer, is viewed from both lung diffusion rate itself or to other organs. But basically the lung cancer disease is divided into two criteria based on the level of distribution:

Primary lung cancer
Have two main types, namely Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). SCLC is the kind that sells small pieces (many) which has its very rapid growth to swell. Usually called “oat cell carcinomas” (wheat cell carcinoma). This type is closely associated with smokers, Handling responds well enough through the action of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While NSCLC is the growth of single cells, but often strike more than one area in the lungs. For example adenoma, hamartoma kondromatous and Sarcoma.

Secondary Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is a disease that arises as a result of the spread of cancer from other organs, most often breast cancer and colon cancer (stomach). Cancer spreads through the blood, lymphatic system or because of the proximity of the organ.

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer will only occur when the development of abnormal cells is more severe towards a more advanced stage, and it takes many years since the beginning of its development. There is even a possibility did not show specific signs and symptoms, but only visible if the X-ray done. But if some of the signs and symptoms below when perceived, should immediately see a doctor:

Old coughing in people smoking
Difficulty breathing (shortness of breath)
Coughing blood (albeit small amounts)
Frequent lung infections (pneumonia or bronchitis)
The presence of chest pain, shoulder and back section
The sound has changed from the usual
Cough more than 2 weeks in people who do not smoke
Others such as difficulty swallowing, neck and face look swell, decreased appetite, weight loss, tired or weak.

Causes of Lung Cancer

the biggest cause is smoking, while others are caused by contamination of the surrounding air by the substance of asbestos, air pollution by fumes or combustion including tobacco smoke. There are several cases of diseases that trigger the occurrence of lung cancer diseases, namely tuberculosis and pneumonia. Both of these diseases can cause injury to the lung tissue that supports the organ cells in the growth of abnormal cells inside the cavity. Lung cancer usually develops from this case is the type of adenocarcinoma (adenoma).

Handling and Treatment of Cancer Lung Diseases

Handling and treatment or treatment performed on people already diagnosed with lung cancer will depend on the stage is level, the possibility of surgery, as well as the general condition of the patient. This is not apart of history as well as the causes of lung cancer is of course.

Some steps are wont to do is:

Sell ​​lifts surgery cancer surgery
Actions of Radiation Therapy
Action Chemotherapy Therapy
Photodynamic action {injection (PTD)}

providing Nutrition and supplements can reduce symptoms caused by lung cancer. Vitamin D and Fe are very good to be administered by patients with lung cancer, similarly, antioxidant foods like blueberries, Cherri, and tomatoes.


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