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What is trichinosis

September 9, 2011

What is trichinosis?

Trichinosis is a disease that comes from meat not cooked well. Disease is a serious public health problem in areas where residents eat lots of meat. It exposed to this particular parasite in assorted animals such as pigs. pig-bay-fed garbage susceptible to trichinosis. Ten percent of minced meat which has been in season are sold in the market said to be affected by trichinosis. In some areas one out of every six residents has trichinosis, most often acquired by eating uncooked meat.

Immediately, after the meat containing the parasites are eaten. The human intestinal parasites invaded by an adult. The release of eggs in large numbers, then develop into the larva-larva and enter the bloodstream and quickly spread throughout the body. Grub-worm larvae through caviler walls, penetrating between muscle fibers and form cysts, which then calcify in the muscle fibers bigger like midriff (diaphragm), muscles in the buttocks, chest muscles, the muscles in base of the arm, and shoulder, and leg muscles and chest.

If the meat contains a lot of trichinosis, the patient may feel a local disturbance on the means of digestion, followed by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, similar to food poisoning. Muscles after a week the larger it becomes sore and stiff, and the patient may complain of feeling tired, fever, back pain, pain when chewing and swallowing, and difficulty breathing, sometimes difficult to move the eyes or limbs. A clinical picture that is not unlike the beginning stages of influenza illness. Often, there is also swelling around the eyes, as well as headaches and visual disturbances.


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