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Why the albumen is important for the body

September 10, 2011

Albumen is very important in the diet. Living protoplasm in the cell is made of protein. Even the magic of life that is constantly sucking and using power. As of this energy is required to work performed by the cell and to heat it generates.

That is we stay warm and alive, and for this we are alive and healthy. The cells that we will maintain the same body temperature regardless of weather. To perform this task, the cells must have a protein and carbohydrate is sufficient.

Protein material was initially formed in the plants and trees. Small factories in the leaves and roots to work constantly and transform simple natural materials become chemically versatile materials complex, such as protein, carbohydrate and fat, ready to use inside the human body. Carbohydrate and fat provide energy to all body cells. Protein is needed for the growth of cell repair. Proteins are the substances most elaborate known in the scientific field today.

So the conclusion albumen was important to add protein in our bodies, so our body can get energy or energy from the reaction caused by the substance of Albumen



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