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Healthy life is a treasure trove

September 11, 2011

Health is a precious gift from God, but often not aware of. We just feel the pleasure of it when there is a sick family member. if a family member got sick much less severely ill, all the family so sorry. Changes in family life. Family members which are sick should be taken to consult a doctor or be accompanied if hospitalized. Family members are not able to run the daily activities either school, work, or trying to. The cost for treatment should also be provided, and the cost often is not small. A family member with fever due to influenza, for example, can cost approximately one hundred thousand for consulting a doctor, buying drugs or laboratory tests. Thus, the burden of the family will be quite heavy if there are family members fell ill.

Problematic sentence structure to maintain the health of the entire family. Family members may consist of infants, children, adults and the elderly. All family members need medical care to avoid the disease. Alternatively, if it falls ill can also receive treatment and therapy that balk. Health care should have started since the fetus in the womb. Certainly, the maintenance of good health should be conducted by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Many ways by the community to prevent diseases ranging from five periodic health examinations, immunizations, take vitamins, herbs, or herbal remedies.

There are even people who spend millions of dollars every month to buy nutritional food or mega-vitamins, but do not run a healthy living habit. Food is less guarded, do not exercise regularly, and life is also full of stress. The principle of a healthy life requires us to live an orderly, clean, eat a balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and live optimistically. To live a healthy lifestyle is not required at a great expense. However, as stated there are people who want to replace it with a healthy lifestyle and nutritional food vitamins are expensive. It’s certainly not a healthy living habit was replaced with the drug even though it may be good medicine.

Make sure your entire family to drink before feeling thirsty, because if we are thirsty, it means that we are already experiencing mild dehydration. According to a study conducted by prof. Lawrence Armstrong Ph.D., mild dehydration of 1.5% only in men and 1.3% in women already causing disruption of cognitive performance, mood, and cause symptoms of dehydration such as headaches and decreased concentration. So dehydration is a serious health problem. Therefore, it is very important for us to drink before feeling thirsty.

Less water intake will cause problems to health. Water intake too much in those with certain diseases such as kidney failure, heart failure, and the elderly could potentially cause health problems. Therefore, people with specific conditions and specific diseases need to adjust the amount of water intake. In the elderly (> 60 years) there has been a change in the body’s physiological functions, including reduction in total body water volume and decreased urine concentrating ability, so that optimal water intake in this age group is 1 – 1.5 liters a day.

People are advised to eat healthy and nutritious food because that is a much-needed body, especially if the body in a state tired or sick. To get a nutritious meal, this does not mean having to eat expensive food. Obtained food at affordable prices can be categorized as a healthy food since the food is made from material who is not much use of chemicals derived from plants and fresh. Getting enough sleep is also a viable alternative to creating a healthy lifestyle because when people do this, the muscles and brain during this work can be relaxing and rest. In addition, regular exercise can also help to reduce fat and cholesterol that deposit of fat that trigger the onset of the disease can be avoided. Not getting used to smoke, consume alcohol and caffeine are also able to protect the body from the obvious dangers of nicotine and heart damage a human respiratory system.


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