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My baby and all experiences

September 12, 2011

My Baby Grows
Babies grow quickly, almost too fast, because sometimes you want to keep her little bit long. But every week there will be something new because he is learning to do new things. Playing games is very important, because this is how he learned to use his hands and feet. Let him move freely. Do not limit his freedom if not necessary.
To maintain the health of my baby, i  always keep and clean well maintained.  baby who clean more likely to be healthy and happy. If other kids want to hold your baby or play with him, keep their hands clean and the children themselves do not hurt a cold or other infection. Germs can be harmful, but with good maintenance, your baby will have a good resilience to disease, if he was given the chance. 

Bath Time For My Baby
Baby bath time should be one of the most exciting-for him and also for you. This is the time for her to understand the habits of cleanliness will always be remembered a lifetime. The best time for bathing is just before eating in mid-morning. Thus he will enjoy his food was better because it is clean and roomy. Keep everything ready before you start. baby’s room should be warm and not much wind to enter. You need to provide a low table, chairs, pot of hot water, soap a smooth, soft cloth, large towel to cover it, and a small towel to dry. Fill the bowl was about half full with warm water. Test the temperature with your finger to make sure the heat is quite tasty. bathe the baby slowly and be careful not to scratch the skin with your fingers. Do not let the suds into the mouth, nose and eyes. Take him with caution, because a baby is wet usually hems. After cleaning it thoroughly, let him move some time to develop his muscles.
After the bath lift with caution and Dry the skin with ‘a soft towel. Be careful not to twist or jerk the arm or leg. Wear clothing appropriate to the season. His clothes should be loose enough so that he can move freely and develop the muscles to be strong.

My Baby and Finger sucking
do not mind if he smoked too much finger. This is one way for him to satisfy hunger and give a good feeling and good. At the age of more and more people chew gum for reasons like that. If he sucked his finger too often it may be time to add food, or perhaps give him the appropriate game. However, do not worry too much about the finger sucking habit. Baby sucking fingers are usually not harmful. Perhaps he will soon leave him if he was big.

My Baby and Constipation
Babies who drink breast milk rarely suffer from constipation. Infants fed artificial drinks may experience more difficulty. Perhaps they are not getting enough water in their food. If the stool hard, give more water that has been cooked and add a teaspoon of honey or other sweets. For the actual constipation, try to stay calm and avoid stress as much as possible. If you wait long enough, nature will usually resolve all

My Baby Suffer from diarrhea
one or two pieces watery stool might not mean. It usually happens during the weeks and months first. But if it comes out too often, you should ask your doctor for advice. when my baby is experiencing severe diarrhea, this is not the time for simple treatments at home. Watery stools and many may be sucking most of the water needed in the body of the baby. Loss of water like it should be replaced as soon as possible.
Diarrhea itself is actually rather than the disease. Diarrhea is a disorder that may arise and a lot of reasons. Usually it is caused by the baby food that had hit the dirt. Keep all bottles and equipment well cleaned and free and germs before use. If  i am breastfeed my baby, i try not to use too many laxatives. Most of it goes into the milk and cause difficulties for the baby.

My Baby Vomiting
You do not need to worry if you occasionally throw up a little baby. That may be caused by treating the baby too roughly. sometimes colic the cause of infant vomiting, But the vomiting that can constantly bring serious consequences. The baby can not stand to lose all body fluids are important. This will result in a severe shortage of liquid. Vomiting may be caused by many different circumstances. One reason is the most serious deformities in the means of digestion, or perhaps damage to the skull at birth. But this rarely, because the vomiting is very common due to swallowed air that the baby and he could not remove it again. Sometimes the clothes are too tight to be one cause. Vomiting is also the first sign and the presence of an acute infection in the digestive tract or elsewhere in the body. However, contact doctor immediately, especially if the baby fevers. He can not afford to lose too much fluid.

Measure the baby’s body temperature
Every intelligent mother who must know how to use the thermometer shaft intestine. Here’s how. At first, wash the thermometer in the water cool. Hold it carefully and shake to reduce mercury to the dots below. After that put a little Vaseline or other lubricant on the tip of the tube and insert the thermometer slowly about one inch into the baby’s gut axis. Hold there for at least three minutes. Remove it and rub with a piece of paper or fabric softener. You can already see the baby’s temperature by taking into account how high the mercury rises in the vessel. If the temperature about one degree over the line marked on the thermometer’s normal, you do not need to worry. Measure the temperature of the baby’s back an hour later. If the temperature rise above 37.8 ° C, bring the baby to the doctor.
After using a thermometer it, wash well with soap and cool water, and keep it in a safe place to use again another time. If my baby seems sick, i am measuring the temperature at least every four hours.

When my baby is exposed to cold
Colds are caused by a virus that opens the way for other germs into the body. Most colds start in the head or throat, and then include the bronchus and lungs. Symptoms usually begins with a runny nose and sneezing is.
Keep the baby sleep in a warm room with the fresh air day and night. Give lots of drinking water that has been cooked, preferably lukewarm. Give fluids and lots of lemon water. Clean nose always and keep the guests and he was as far as possible. If a cold is not cured within a few days, then take her to the doctor.


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